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Saving Money on Reptile Supplies

Keeping reptiles can be an expensive hobby, particularly if you have a large collection. I will do my best here to show you how to get reptiles supplies for good prices and save you some time from searching.

  • UVB Lights: This is one area you need to be very careful with. There are products out there which do not actually produce UVB. I could only recommend you purchase these lights from a reputable source. LLLReptile  usually has better than average pricing and is reliable and trusted as a source. Another good source is light your reptiles. Now, I know I said this post was to save you money, but I put UVB at the top of list with places you probably already heard of because this is not the area to try saving a few bucks and these products need a proven track record and known fakes are out there.
  • Ceramic Heat Bulbs: If you do not need them quickly, you can save about 50% or more by picking these items up direct from China. These are 25 to 100 W models. When you click where it says color you can see the price goes up a few cents for each increase in bulb size and you will see the bulb size written on the image. These will work with US lamps. If you need a larger model, this one is up to 150 watts. Be sure to select 110V for your selection on this one.
  • Heat Matt with Rheostat: The lamp dimmer alone will cost more than 10$ in the US. However, you can pickup these 5 to 20W heat pads with a rheostat for less than that.  Just be sure to select the one that says US next to it. 
  • Lamp shield to prevent scalding: If you're heat bulb will be directly inside of the enclosure, you'll need one of these for the safety of your animal.
  • Purchase live feeder insects or reptile supplies on ebay. Often you can get a very good price there but you'll also want to combine it with a cash back site. This is the one I use for ebay and is the highest paying. It costs you nothing to use it, there are no fees, and you get 1.5% cashback.
So there you have it, several ways you can save on reptile products. I hope this helps! You can find more information about reptile supplies that I recommend here.


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